Jane Goodall Institute


This is my favorite project. Ever. It’s the one I’ll always tell stories about. Why? I worked one-on-one with one of the true inspirations of our times, Jane Goodall. My task: convince Silicon Valley millionaires to support the JGI. We created a capital campaign book, very small in size, packed with emotional appeals for the chimps, the kids, and the villagers. I wrote not only Jane Goodall’s story but profiled the chimps, the Institute’s many heroes in Africa, as well as the kids involved in Roots & Shoots. This was pure storytelling as a means to raise funds

Sample Copy

  • “Bushmeat hunters hitch rides into the last great forests of the Congo Basin. There, they shoot everything—elephants, chimps, gorillas, even birds and bats are cut up, smoked, and then transported for sale in the village markets. ‘It is,’ says Jane Goodall, ‘the most significant conservation challenge of the 21st century.”
  • —excerpt from capital campaign