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“What sets Sean apart extends beyond his creative abilities. His vibrant and engaging personality has been a source of inspiration and motivation for our team. He brings enthusiasm and energy into every project, making him an indispensable asset during presentation and public speaking engagements. It is no wonder that within VisionPoint, Sean is affectionately referred to as “the talent.” This nickname aptly encapsulates his exceptional talents and his ability to captivate audiences with his expertise and charisma.”

Tony Poillucci
Vice President & Creative Director

“I had the privilege of working with Sean for six years at VisionPoint Marketing, and he’s one of the most talented copywriters I’ve known. Sean is relentlessly creative, pushing ideas forward, never settling for good enough. He’s especially strong in conceptual creative, though his versatility isn’t limited only to concept work. He’s a great listener, and he’s not afraid to push clients and teammates alike into territory that’s uncomfortable, where the best ideas are often lurking.”

Matt Walters
Chief Services Officer, VisionPoint Marketing

“Sean has been instrumental, no – critical, in helping to establish our brand voice. He has an uncanny ability to quickly assess situations where the scale, scope, strategy and story just come to him inherently. He has always been spot-on. The man is wicked-smart, quick-witted, and as solid as they come. I’ve worked with dozens of copy guys over the years and frankly wouldn’t give you two cents for any (or all) of them because they can’t hold a candle to Sean. 

Jim Millican
CEO, Big Delicious

“When it comes to work, the word ‘passion’ is thrown around far too easily. Most of the time, it’s just more marketing speak, but in Sean’s case, it’s the real thing. I worked with Sean for five years and I can say without hesitation that he is genuinely passionate about his work. He is a true lover of words, of crafting messaging that resonate, of going beyond the ordinary to come up with something unique and compelling. He is the best ‘idea’ professional I have ever worked with and he is excellent at brainstorming—the results fly and never fail to delight and to inspire more ideas. He is also a great sounding board and supportive of the work of his teammates.”

Maria L. Muniz
Content Strategist, Duke University

“If you think you’re a pretty good writer, read any headline, radio script, billboard, digital ad, or chatbot copy written by Sean. You’ll quickly realize your gap in skills and call this man Sensei. It means “teacher who comes before” in the martial arts tradition.

Sean taught me everything I know: Begin with ‘you.’ Be short. Flip scripts. Write how people talk. Make your audience feel like the only person in the room. Sean’s writing is a sea of lightning in a sea of sameness.”

Arthur Antonio
Copywriter, VisionPoint Marketing

“Sean is a fantastic writer who truly loves the work – the brainstorming, the craft, the refinement – and cares deeply about the success of his projects and the integrity of his work. He’s an enthusiastic and warm teammate, quick to cheer others on or to put heads together and pick at a tough problem until it’s solved. For six years I had the pleasure of working with Sean on creative campaigns for higher ed at VisionPoint Marketing. During that time we collaborated on award-winning campaigns that included videos, digital and traditional ads, viewbooks, and other various promotional marketing. Sean brings years of agency experience across many industries to the table, as well as a passion for the work and his craft. Sean would be an incredible addition to any creative team.”

Lydia Kuekes
Design Director, VisionPoint Marketing

“Sean and I worked together on numerous projects at VisionPoint and I was consistently impressed by his ability to build new and incisive ideas for each client partner. What set Sean apart were his thoughtful questions that challenged our Creative and Strategy teams to probe deeper, reconsider assumptions, and build rich ideas with greater nuance. His curiosity and depth of thought reflected his joy in his craft and made him an exemplary collaborator.

If you are in search of a strategic writer who will bring fresh perspectives to their projects, I recommend working with Sean. You won’t be disappointed.”

Erica Kim, Ed.M.
Director of Strategy, VisionPoint Marketing

“Sean has a strong interest in taking on new challenges. I was especially impressed by his contributions to an internal AI taskforce. He is an eager and critical user of AI tools, bringing new ideas to the company to enhance our processes and help generate content. I appreciated how much he cut through the hype, while still identifying opportunities to make things more efficient or better proofed.I highly recommend Sean for any creative writing position or project. He is a professional, reliable, and creative writer who can deliver high-quality work in a timely manner. He is an asset to any organization that values creativity and innovation.”

Anna Chandler
Director of SEO & Analytics, VisionPoint Marketing

“Sean is a creative force when it comes to ideating on ‘Big Ideas.’ His ability to think outside the box and come up with innovative concepts for campaigns is truly remarkable. Sean’s contributions in brainstorming sessions were invaluable, often leading to groundbreaking campaigns. strategies that left a lasting impact on our clients and their audiences.

I wholeheartedly recommend Sean for any role where his skills and creativity can shine.”

Carly Althaus
Associate Director of Media, VisionPoint Marketing

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