How I Use A.I.

Get ahead of the game. That’s what every writer (and agency) needs to be doing now. As a member of VisionPoint’s A.I. Task Force, I demoed countless A.I. writing tools (Jasper, WriteSonic, Copy.AI, etc). I read multiple blogs (gotta follow “One Useful Thing” by Ethan Mollick). And I’ve been using A.I. on a daily basis for almost a year now.

Here’s the thing: AI for copywriting keeps shifting. It’s elusive. Evolving.

Take Bing. The former laughing stock of search engines suddenly became my go-to A.I. tool for its ability to search the internet for my client, and then to apply a writing style, say Anthony Bourdain or the original Volkswagen ads from the 60s. It was generating mind-blowing copy. But then over night, Microsoft shut my styling hack down. 

One day your go-to prompt works. The next, fuhgeddaboudit. So, you gotta be nimble. Always looking for the new angle. The next prompt. Always keeping one step ahead of the algo or legal.

As for my take on the paid services like Jasper: Chunk ‘em. The paid version of ChatGPT works just as well.

Today, I use either ChatGPT or Bing to more quickly write landing pages, emails, and longer copy. I use A.I. for naming. I do NOT use A.I. to write creative headlines (even character counts rarely work). As for brainstorming, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, but I still rely on a blank sheet of paper and a PaperMate pen. Black. Ultra thick tip. ChatGPT becomes a partner in the room. Together we brainstorm. But I still trust my superpowers more than the robot’s. For now, at least…

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