My currency is ideas. Strategic, on-target ideas. Fist-bumping ideas your team can rally behind. Conceptual ideas that flow into every conceivable type of media: video, radio, digital ads, web sites, bus wraps, jumbotrons, sky banners…

Every agency needs one. The brainstormer in the room. The writer who suddenly looks up with a twinkle in his eye and says, “Whoa, what if we did this….”  

Maybe you’re a big agency who needs another trusted creative to be creative when it counts most. Or you’re a smaller shop, and your ace creative is on maternity leave. When you need a professional to deliver, that’s where I can help you.

I’ve created award-winning campaigns for airlines, potato chips, booze, banks that went bust, and Ivy League universities. 

Want a pro copywriter in your brainstorm room? On your best accounts? Making your deadlines? Let’s talk.


All of the conceptual ideas in my portfolio sprang from my head. I brainstormed them working with an agency or as a freelancer. And teaming up with amazing designers, animators, strategists, and project managers, they resonated, intrigued, and engaged our target audience. Some even nabbed some awards.